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Extend the service life of high and low voltage switchgear

2023-10-05 14:45:00
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High and low voltage switchgear in a long time after the operation, it is inevitable that there will be no failure, if it can not be resolved in a timely manner, will inevitably affect its service life. For the methods to extend the service life, I introduce to you.

1, after the switchgear is transported to the site, it should be opened and inspected. Care should be taken not to damage the equipment when unpacking.

2, open the box with a cloth to wipe, check whether the equipment is consistent with the design, there is no damage, rust and corrosion, etc., and check whether the accessories, spare parts, technical information is complete.

3、Check whether the wiring of the high and low voltage switchgear is intact and whether the bolts at each end are loose.

4、Frequently check whether the circuit label of the switchgear cabinet is consistent with our pre-designed drawings.

5、The wiring of the switchgear cabinet is smooth and there is no confusion between the lines.

6, Regularly check whether there is dust in the high and low voltage switchgear, and clean it with a soft brush if there is.

7, Check the relay, indicator and insurance of the secondary circuit of the switchgear cabinet. If there is any damage, we should replace it in time.

8、After the switchgear cabinet is opened and inspected, it should be moved into the distribution room according to the design drawing number in order and placed directly in the installation position.

9、After the installation of high and low voltage switchgear is completed, the cabinet should be cleaned up, debris removed, and the equipment wiped clean with a rag.

10, check and adjust the cabinet isolation switch, circuit breaker and other equipment.

The above is to extend the service life of high and low voltage switchgear. In short, do a good job of high and low voltage switchgear routine maintenance and overhaul work, in order to make its equipment can be used normally, and even extend its service life.

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