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High and low voltage distribution cabinet equipment how to promote the development of technology

2023-10-05 14:48:00
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High and low voltage power distribution cabinet as the name implies is used in the electric power supply system for power distribution, control, metering and connecting cable distribution equipment, the general power supply bureau, substation are used in high-voltage switchgear, and then by the transformer step-down low-voltage side lead to the high and low voltage power distribution cabinet, high and low voltage power distribution cabinets in the distribution panel to the various electric power supply, control box, switching box, which is through the use of a number of switches, circuit breakers, fuses, Buttons, indicators, meters, wires and other protective devices assembled into one to achieve the design of the functional requirements of the power distribution equipment.

China's power equipment and power production industry is developing rapidly. The annual growth rate of new installed power generation capacity is more than 8%, it is expected that by 2020 the installed capacity will reach 800 million kW. However, according to the per capita possession of electricity, China is far behind the developed countries. Because of the related industry development space is very large, so the high and low voltage equipment has a huge market demand. Huge market demand, but also brought the fierce competition between domestic and foreign manufacturers, only the domestic high and low voltage equipment manufacturers have reached thousands. Market demand promotes the progress and development of technology, with the progress of society and the development of economy and science and technology, the power system puts forward higher and newer requirements.

In particular, the main equipment for controlling the power system - high and low voltage equipment, safety and reliability, automation and other aspects of the proposed higher requirements. In this way, the development of high technology content to meet market demand for high and low voltage equipment products is a very urgent task. Since the reform and opening up, China's electrical industry in the national economy in the rapid development of the environment, through the "introduction - digestion" of foreign developed countries, management experience and technology, has entered a new period of great historical development. High and low voltage distribution cabinet technology, whether it is product design, manufacturing process, or management, production process has made great progress. High and low voltage distribution cabinet electrical industry is ahead of the high-voltage industry will be the application of computer technology and product structure.

Realize product intelligence and networking, and there are intelligent low-voltage circuit breakers, motor controllers, overload relays, switchgear and other products; In addition, the domestic low-voltage appliances in the reliability of research, non-contact switches, vacuum technology, current-limiting technology, zero-flying arc, high-performance and miniaturization, combining, modular, modular and other aspects of the achievements have been gratifying. China's high-voltage switchgear has been developed to metal-enclosed type (including armored, spaced and box-type), low-voltage is mainly closed withdrawal unit. A variety of high-voltage trolley type, in the type, ring network cabinets, F-C cabinets, box variable and low-voltage drawer cabinets, motor control centers and other products have been listed in large quantities.

China's high and low voltage complete sets of equipment have been equivalent or equivalent to the IEC standard, according to national conditions in the insulation requirements are also stricter than the IEC standard. Many enterprises in China's electrical industry has begun to use CAD, CAPP, CAM, CAE, MIS and other technologies, some key, backbone enterprises have CIMS technology. It is worth mentioning that, until the end of the twentieth century, both at home and abroad, the entire electrical science theory has not yet reached the point of maturity and perfection, especially on the arc process and its mathematical modeling and other topics, is still subject to further research. The design of electrical products in addition to heat, electrodynamics, electrical contact, electromagnetic properties and other aspects of some sporadic empirical formulas, in the final analysis, but is analogous to the optimization plus experimental methods.

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